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fantasy_blood's Journal

fighting for fantasy
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if you have been confronted with this quote, may it be in school, at work applications, at expositions or simply received the comment by someone then this is the place to share your epxperience, to post your process, your thoughts, your believes. This is the place where there are others like you who will listen and support you.
I have founded this community because many years ago I got the direct kick in the face that fantasy is not art and that the very way how I paint down to the line is fantasy and would not be given a second look. An every good side of fantasy as simple training of putting what is on your mind on paper has been forgotten or is forcefully overlooked. A horse bearing a horn is "awful art", a horse without a horn is the art. It has reached the point that if I say the word an every of my work is analized and bashed into that direction, even meaning that grades would be lower at my art school.
I have learned to be silent ever then, for the sake of my grades and the needing of the artist teaching license paper. I bowed my head, but my blood is still fantasy.

FANTASY IS A PASSION, it has been with us in our mind, our stories, dreams and most of all on our painting papers ever since we were kids. Growing up does not mean to banish it.

I have found that there are many alike me, dreams destroyed by people who feel they have the right to abuse their positions or show how narrowminded they are. Fantasy is as old as humans are, and it will always be part of our history. There is no reason why it has no right to be between abstrahized and still life.

here you can post your stories or things you've heard, the good and the bad, things that hurt you, things that changed decisions. It is not the place to use bad vocabulary and put a curse on someone but to know you're not alone.